Cuyahoga County Planning Commission
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Urban Tree Canopy

Tree canopy is the layer of leaves, branches, and stems of trees that cover the ground when viewed from above. Tree canopy provides improved air and water quality, reduced stormwater runoff, improved natural habitat, and many other benefits. This assessment provides meaningful metrics on the extent of existing and possible tree canopy in the County's communities, watersheds, and neighborhoods.

complete streets Complete Streets

Complete Streets are roadways that are designed and built for everyone of all ages and abilities to access, including pedestrians, bicyclists, motorists, and public transportation users. Cuyahoga County is exploring a regional approach to implementing complete streets.

Community Planning Geographic Information System Community Planning GIS

Use the mapping and analytic tools in our web-based geographic information system to explore Cuyahoga County. Among its features are links to current property information and a variety of indicators about the natural and built environment.


2014 Cuyahoga County population estimates are available.

NRAC greenspace conservation final project rankings are available.

Our next board meeting will be held on June 11.

DOPWIC program year 2015 final recommendations are now online.

The Orange Village Community Survey has been completed.

Planning for the Eastside Greenway is underway.

Learn about our Planning 101 workshops.